Café Elektrik
A reconstruction of the lost last act

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Used materials:

Censorship documents from NFA (title list)
Photos from FAA and DIF collection
Cinema programme from FAA and DIF collection (detailed synopsis, embedded picture)

6. Act.

Stöger was searching for Hansi. He did not find her at home, but he saw her standing on the street getting money from a stranger.

A few minutes later he accuses her being a prostitute and tells her that she should go back to her customers.

"Look, we have got money!"

In deep grief Hansi walks back to the Café Elektric, a place and a life, that she wanted to leave behind.

Max Stöger is left back in a state of shock.. He thinks that he has ruined his life. The he gets a message from the Morgenpost, a newspaper, to come to the editorial office. A colleague has fallen ill and he should and he is ordered to make his work.

Meanwhile Hansi arrives to the Café Elektric where she is joyfully welcomed.

"Paula! Hansi has arrived!"

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