Zpev zlata
An experimental reconstruction of the lost film

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Used materials:

Censorship documents (synopsis, title list)
Photos from NFA collection: 21peaces
Cinema program of „Bio Lucerna“ (detailed synopsis, embedded picture)

Uncommon story in five acts


The young chemist Edgar Zoran discovers a synthetic method of producing petrol but neither he nor his friend Miloš Krešín have any money to buy a production factory.
Edgar decides to turn to the banker Dombs with a request for loan. He goes to visit Dombs but finds a thief there instead. He takes a resolution to catch the thief himself, thereby earning Dombs´ gratitude. However, he can´t resist borrowing the money the thief had been about to steal.
He leaves a note for the banker saying that he will return the money within a month and also he wrote a love letter for the banker´s beautiful nice Andrea. However, he doesn´t sign either of the letters and took Andrea´s photo.

An office of „Credit Bank“

9. Edgar Zoran asked repeatedly for a loan but with no success. His last hope is called „Credit Bank“.

10. Unfortunately our bank can´t grant a credit to you. We have no sufficient guarantee – neither you nor your invention.

11. I can recommend you to visit Mr. Dombs personally. It´s possible, that …

12. Towards the evening …

13. Mr. Dombs enjoys himself in a club.

Andrea ´s bedroom

15. Dear Angel! Forgive to anonymous daredevil entering your room and couldn´t help but to admire you. I would have to write you a poem but there is a hard work waiting for me upstairs. R.N.


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