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We choose CAFÉ ELEKTRIC for our Surrogate Production or the following reasons: only the last act of the film is missing, many different sources are conserved and with the source-material and stills from the conceived acts it will be possible to recreate the missing parts in the described way. Based on a play from Felix Fischer it will also be possible to compare the original text with the script, so we can tell in detail about the characters, the setting, the staging/ production in general and - last but not least - about the model and its function as a pattern for the film-script. The play will also be some kind of a written guideline for our work.
There's also a film-historical relevance for working on this movie: it is the first time Marlene Dietrich und Willi Forst played lead-roles and it was the last production of the famous Sascha-Kolowrat.
A comprehensive scientific work with the material will also benefit from the good relation between the FAA and the owner of the rights for this film.


1) Collecting of possible and relevant material

1. Film-material: The Reconstruction of the movie was done by Walter Fritz (FAA) in 1978, based on the feedstock, which was found in the archive in Moskow.
2. Related material of the production: specific material like scripts, intertitles, the literary source.
3. All related Photo-material: this section will contain two different types of photos. The first type is the photos, which are made during the work on the film; so it will be possible to document the work-process. The second type is the typical still; especially stills from the lost parts are very interesting for this project. He more photos of this type can be found, the less stills form the other acts have to be used for the reconstruction. The stills that are produced and used for marketing etc. will be a great help to recreate the accessory advertising. Other picture-related material like posters etc. will also be included in the Surrogate Production.
4. Contemporary Informations contains sources from the press, articles about the production, contemporary critics, censorship documents from Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic and the informations given by the "Kivur-Filmprogramm".
5. Related Literature like scientific works, essays, biographies, memoirs etc.


2) Analysis

Interpretation of the film-material to collect usefull stills and scenes for the reconstruction of the last act, i.e. context-based identification of various scenes to implement them according to showed places and appeared actors.
Comparison with the literary source, i.e. the text of the play and the various intertitle-lists (plot, quotations from the original text, etc.)
Analysis and combination of the mentioned sources to a so-called final act.


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