Zpev zlata: Work Flow

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  Following material according to ZPEV ZLATA, directed by Jan. S. Kolár, coming from NFA only, could be found:
  • a film programme
  • censorship documents
  • a small number of photos
  • articles

With this material only it was possible to do a regular, text-based, very hypothetical reconstruction, but it was impossible to do a Surrogate Production according to the ideas given above. For the reason of completeness we included the found material in this final paper. NFA chose "Zpev zlata (Vetrelec)" because it's a rare film in the context of temporary Czech production and the publication of the available sources could bring a discovery of film fragments or even the whole film print in other archives.
The work flow was the same like for Café Electrik, i.e. to collect all possible material.

Censorship documents from Státní ústrední archiv v Praze

  • Film was originally censored 3.1. 1921. This document was discarded.
  • Only document from 25.3.1933 is available. This document includes: letter with application for censoring the film, brief synopsis, list of titles
  • 27 Photos from the collection of NFA are available. 21 photographs; 6 photographs were identified as working pictures and therefore were not used during the reconstruction
  • Materials from the bequest of the director Jan S. Kolár (1896-1973) 1 embedded picture + detailed content from the cinema program of "Bio Lucerna". This program contains 8 embedded pictures. We used only 1 picture. (see slide No. 38). We didn't used 1 portrayal photo of Karel Lamac and 2 photos (see slide No. 8, left and slide No. 17) We have both in our photo collection in the higher quality. This program includes also 4 photos for the different film titles. Other materials from the bequest of Jan S. Kolár were of no use.

NFA used the same method as FAA and we created a film in Microsoft PowerPoint. Here is the approach step by step:

NFA started with the description of photos.

  • Identification of persons according to available filmographical data
  • Analysis of depicted situation and comparison of results with the list of titles and detailed content from the cinema program.
  • Assignment of the most concise titles to each photo

NFA built up dividing (with No. of acts) and descriptive slides (with the content of acts) by a comparison of the list of titles and detailed content from the cinema program.

Creation of the most transparent structure of the slide:

  • Upper part: description of scene by NFA (italic bold)
  • Middle part: photo(s)
  • Lower part (or middle part right): title(s) from the list of titles included to censorship document



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