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Within the COLLATE-project the Filmarchiv Austria (FAA) is leader of the task 8.3, which is the production of film surrogates. For this task - and the related points of theoretical reconstruction - FAA choose to edit and to work on the movie CAFÉ ELEKTRIC. On this example the possibilities of such an surrogate production could be demonstrated. The NFI-Archive in Prague was working on the film GESANG DES GOLDES (ZPEV ZLATA) (CZ, 1920) with a similar target.
The Surrogate Production is the attempt of reconstructing a missing film, or even parts of it, based not only on film-material, but also including other historical material. So a true and historically correct theoretical version of the missing film can be created.
As mentioned, the Surrogate Production isn't a variant of the classical film-restoration, for example to restore damaged material; to work on the reconstruction this way would be impossible (because the parts are still missing) and hermeneutical incorrect. In this strategy the missing film, or in the case of CAFÉ ELECTRIK the missing part, should be reconstructed by intensive work and analyses of the given sources and parts of the film. So the main-target is not the reconstruction of the film itself; it is some kind of a suggestion, what the whole looked like. The unavoidable difference between Surrogate Production and the original film can not (and should not) be kept as a secret. It is the remarkable and most important point: there won't be such a thing like the classical-reconstruction linearity; there'll be - under the given and chosen circumstances - something like a lamination of the different sources.
The sub-project profits from the synergies of the COLLATE-project and allows to work on this task with the sources of three international archives and it triples the possibilities to succeed with the advised targets. On one hand the Surrogate Edition is also a good possibility to promote the COLLATE main-idea, i.e. the necessity of a cross-border collaboration of archives to promote a better, and even more effective, analysis of given sources and informations. On the other hand, there's also an economical aspect: The archives are not only keeper of cultural heritage; based on such scientific results, it can also be utilised in economical way like publications etc. The materials, which are collected within the project. So the work in the project isn't limited to the analysis of written documents; within this subproject a more film-specific work can be done.

Café Elektrik: A reconstruction of the lost last act

Zpev zlata: An experimental reconstruction of the lost film


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